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apM Group is the leading company of Korean wholesale fashion industry. Since its establishment in 1999 with the apM shopping mall, the company has expanded its business managing three wholesale fashion shopping malls – apM, apM Luxe and apM PLACE; about 30% of sales for the Korean wholesale fashion market takes place in the malls.

1,300+ wholesalers and their own designers have presented premium-quality and latest fashion clothing and accessories. Also, more than 10,000 customers visit the apM malls daily on average; the number of annual visitors has totaled more than 1.5 million. apM Group has contributed to K-fashion’s global expansion as our malls attract global buyers and tourists, especially Chinese buyers who takes about 80% of the visitors.

Beyond Wholesale & Retail Business

Powered by apM Group


apM Coin Platform can provide the CRM solutions for various service industry such as F&B, lodging and transportation services, since the platform is planning to be adopted for various facilities of apM Group, including cafés, food courts, residence hotel and shuttle services.

Operated on

Chain Platform

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apM Members
Mobile App

apM Coin Project's Digital Assets

Securely Managed on apM Chain Platform



a.point is customer rewards points of apM Members.

Buyers can earn a.point when they purchase products/services in apM Members program partners. The buyers can redeem the points for products of their choice in the reward program partners according to the terms and conditions.


apM Coin

apM Coin token is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency of apM Coin project. The token is available for trading on global/local digital asset exchanges on which the tokens are listed.

apM Coin tokens will be used as a payment method when the app users purchase apM digital vouchers sold on apM Chain platform and when the vendors access customer management services. 


apM Digital Voucher

apM digital voucher is an e-payment method which the app users can purchase goods/services in member stores of apM digital vouchers, such as wholesale brand shops, café, food trucks, and snack bars. The digital voucher is intended to be issued as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on public/private blockchain networks in addition to apM Coin’s platform.

Project Roadmap


Develop apM Members mobile app

Build infrastructure for earning customer rewards and collecting market data

Develop a payment system for apM digital voucher in-app payment



Launch apM Members mobile app

Acquire the certificate of venture business by Ministry of SMEs and Startup in the Republic of Korea

Launch apM Digital Voucher Services

Deploy a customer rewards operation system in apM shopping malls: starting from the malls’ facilities



ExpandapM Member’s service areas related to customer reward collection and redemption

Adopt apM Coin’s digital-asset-applied in-app service


Expand service areas related to apM Coin’s digital-asset-applied in-app services

Expand the platform to the global level by partnering with external services

Core Team

Richard Kwang Il Seok

Richard Seok is the CEO of apM S&S, a blockchain specialised company. apM S&S is an affiliate of apM Group, the largest wholesale shopping mall in Dongdaemun, focusing on IT service support and development for the sustainable growth of apM Group in the digital era. Richard Seok started apM Coin project to provide better customer service and enhance the brand value of apM Group in the global fashion wholesale market scene.

Before founding apM S&S, Richard worked as a consultant at Deloitte Consulting and built his career in business strategy and operations while working in the Strategic Planning Team of Sangbo, a KOSDAQ listed company. Since then, Richard has been actively expanding his business in various fields including oil distribution as the founder and CEO of C.A. Energy and Sangdaewon Petrol Station.

Richard received his B.A. degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California in 2005.

Jung Hyun Kim

Jung Hyun Kim, is the managing director of apM PLACE, the largest women’s wear wholesale shopping mall in Dongdaemun. For the last 20 years, Jung Hyun led the growth of Dongdaemun fashion wholesale market by running multiple stores in the Dongdaemun clothing market.

Especially, Jung Hyun devoted himself to make apM PLACE, apM, and apM Luxe the K fashion mecca in Dongdaemun and enhance the brand image of apM by actively making use of his expertise and insights when founding apM PLACE, the largest women’s wear wholesale shopping mall in Dongdaemun.


Unenburen Ulziiburen

Forbes Mongolia 30 Under 30
Chairman & Founder of Bit Mon Ex
Beijing International Studies University, BA


40+ leading wholesale brands of apM Shopping malls are on board with apM Coin.

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